Garlic Anka (hardneck)
Garlic Anka (hardneck)
Garlic Anka (hardneck)

Garlic Anka (hardneck)


Slovene indigenous type of garlic that also makes seeds. This seeds can be sown, from which bulbs or small heads grow and from them big heads.


There are small and big heads of garlic in the packing. Write in the notes which heads would you like (small/medium/large), otherwise we will send you random ones.

Sowing time
Planting time
Harvest time
Distance between plants/rows
Seeding rate per acre (100m2)
Goes well with
endivie, strawberries, carrots, cucumber, peppers, tomato, chicory, beetroot, lettuce, dill, cammomille, savoury
Doesn't go well with
beans, peas, brassica

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