Onion bulbs Radar

organic bulbs

Onion bulbs Radar

Allium cepa


It makes round, yellow onion, which is very suitable for storage.


Onion Radar is an autumn type of onion. We plant it from October to December, depending on the temperature. If the temperature is high, we don't rush with planting, but we wait for at least the first saline. If we plant it before the first saline, it may be attacked by onion flies.


Onion, planted in autumn, is less susceptible to onion fly attack.


Advice: If we want to protect the onion from onion flies, we spray it once a week with a mixture of water and milk or whey (1:1). Milka has to be inhomogeneous, since it better sticks to the plants and protects against onion flies. If is raining, we must repeat the spraying, as the rain washes the milk from plants.

Sowing time
Planting time
Harvest time
Distance between plants/rows
Seeding rate
Goes well with
pumpkins, endivie, strawberries, carrot, potato, cucumber, tomato, chicory, beetroot, lettuce, dill, cammomille, savoury
Doesn't go well with
beans, peas, brassica

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