Butterfly Meadow Mixture
Butterfly Meadow Mixture

Butterfly Meadow Mixture

organic seeds
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5,69 €

Butterfly Meadow Mixture


Mixture of flowers that attract butterflies and other insects.


In mixture:
- Achillea millefolium – yarrow
- Briza media – Quaking Grass
- Bromus erectus – erect brome
- Campanula rapunculus – rampion bellflower or rover bellflower
- Centaurea jacea – Brown Knapweed
- Centaurea scabiosa - greater knapweed
- Daucus carota – wild carrot or bird's nest or bishop's lace or Queen Anne's lace
- Dianthus carthusianorum – Carthusian Pink
- Echium vulgare – viper's bugloss or blueweed
- Knautia arvensis – field scabious
- Lathyrus pratensis – meadow vetchling or meadow pea or meadow pea-vine
- Leucanthemum vulgare – Ox eye Daisy
- Lotus corniculatus – Bird's-foot Trefoil
- Malva moschata – Musk Mallow
- Onobrychis viciifolia – sainfoin
- Origanum vulgare – Wild Marjoram
- Plantago lanceolata – English plantain or Ribwort Plantain
- Plantago media – hoary plantain
- Ranunculus bulbosus – St. Anthony's turnip or bulbous buttercup
- Rhinanthus alectorolophus – European yellow-rattle
- Salvia pratensis – Meadow Sage or Meadow Clary
- Sanguisorba minor – salad burnet
- Scabiosa columbaria – Small Scabious or Pincushion Flower
- Silene nutans – Nottingham Catchfly
- Silene pratensis - White campion
- Silene vulgaris – bladder campion or maidenstears
- Thymus serpyllum – wild thyme or creeping thyme or mother-of-thyme
- Verbascum densiflorum – denseflower mullein

Sowing time
Needs watering
Amount of seeds in standard packet
Za 5m²

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