Cabbage Derby day
Cabbage Derby day

Cabbage Derby Day

Brassica oleracea convar. capitata var. alba


Early variety of cabbage that makes 1 - 1,2 kg heavy round heads. It has a very short growing season - only 48 to 53 days from seedling to forming a head. The taste is fresh and mild and it is best suitable for fresh consumption (salads).


Different varieties of cabbage are divided into early, mid-late and late according to the length of the growing season. Early varieties grow from seedlings to head up to 60 days, mid-late up to 80 days and late over 90 days. Early varieties can be sown in several periods throughout the year, even in the summer. Late varieties can only be sown in spring, otherwise they don't grow fully before winter.


Cabbage is usualy attacked by two pests: caterpillars and flea beetles. Caterpillars eat the leaves and the heart of the plant. Ecologically, we can get rid of them by cooking 1 L of wormwood tea, diluting it in 5-10 L of water and sprinkling it on affected plants. If necessary, we repeat the proces after a few days. 

Flea beetle makes little holes on the plant which is very tipical for him. We can get rid of him with crop rotation (5-7 years) or with persisten loosening of the soil. Sowing or planting other brassica, such as Chinese cabbage or mustard, does not help!

Sowing time
Planting time
Harvest time
Distance between plants/rows
No. of seeds in 1g
Amount of seeds in standard packet
for 80-100 plants
Optimum temperature for germination
Seeding rate
Needs watering
Goes well with
chard, beans, peas, eggplant, kohlrabi, carrot, potato, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, leek, beetroot, radish, turnip, lettuce, spinach, celery, camomile, mint, caraway, dill, coriander, borage, sage, thyme, wormwood
Doesn't go well with
onion, garlic, strawberries, mustard

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