Yellow carrot Jaune de Doubs

Yellow carrot Jaune de Doubs

organic seeds
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Yellow Carrot Jaune de Doubs

Daucus carota


French variety of yellow carrot. It makes long, smooth carrots withe a spiked tip. It's very suitable for storage.

One package contains seeds for 5-6 m2.

Sowing time
Planting time
Harvest time
Distance between plants/rows
No. of seeds in 1g
Amount of seeds in standard packet
for 4m long row
Seeding rate per acre (100m2)
Needs watering
Goes well with
chard, onion, garlic, endivie, peas, chinese cabbage, tomato, leek, chicory, beetroot, radish, turnip, letucce, sage, dill
Doesn't go well with

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