Carrot Nantes 2
Carrot Nantes 2

Carrot Nantes 2

organic seeds
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Carrot Nantes 2

Daucus carota


An early variety of carrot, suitable for sowing from February onwards. It makes long and thick carrots with rounded tip. It is evenly coloured, very juicy and sweet.


If we want big carrots, we sow them in a row, but we must be careful that the seeds are not sowed too thick. Therefore we recommend sowing carrot and salad together - we mix both seeds together and sow them in a row. Carrots will need 4-5 weeks to come out and the salad will need only a few days. The salad will show us where are the rows, so that we can process the soil around. While the carrot is growing, young salad leaves shade the soil, so the carrot doesn't dry out and it can grow easier. When carrot greenery is about 10 cm high, we harvest the salads. With that we loose the soil so we don't have to hoe the carrot.


We don't recommend hoeing the carrot in the sense of lifting the soil, as this can cause cutting the main root from which the carrot thickens.

Sowing time
Planting time
Harvest time
Distance between plants/rows
No. of seeds in 1g
Amount of seeds in standard packet
for 4m long row
Seeding rate
Needs watering
Goes well with
chard, onion, garlic, endivie, peas, chinese cabbage, tomato, leek, chicory, beetroot, radish, turnip, letucce, sage, dill
Doesn't go well with

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